Welcome on the official site of the italian Photographer Luciano Saporito.
We are glad to present you with a part of the archive of the Italian photographer who has been restlessly exploring the language of photography for over thirtyfive years. The site is best seen with a 17" screen with 800X600 pixel. A best access is obtained using Internet Explorer 5.0 (Reg.) and Netscape 6.0 (Reg.). All images are protected by copyright following current laws on the subject. Any usage of the photographs present on this site must first be authorized. The photographs here presented can be bought directly on the site. On each ordered copy the author will sign and write the date with indelible ink and the copy will be printed, without the code appearing in the site, proportionally on photographic paper format 11,81X17,72inch.
The quality and stability of the prints are guaranteed.

Enjoy and thank you!